VHF Radio

This is a simplified version of the simulator in our online radio course. It is free to play with and explore but not to copy. The volume control switches the radio on - just click it. From there most of the radio controls are functioning.

VHF radios vary between manufacturers and even model types, with options for special functions as manufactures try and sell their latest models but there are some standard elements. It is important that the radio operator is familiar with the equipment they have on board before leaving the dock. You never know when you will need to use it in an emergency, and you don't want to be looking through the manual in a hurry.

Our simulation of a basic model VHF radio has a Digital Selective Calling (DSC) function and a DSC distress call which we will cover in more detail during the course, plus selectable transmission power, scan and dual watch functions. Click on the button options below the radio to see the relevant controls and a brief description of the purpose, but please don't forget to switch the radio on!

When listening to each radio call, move to the prompted channel to hear the rest of the message. If you don't change the channel you will miss what was was said.

  Power and Volume
  Squelch Control
  The Display
  Channel Control
  Enter and Tx Power
  Channel Scan
  Dual Watch
  DSC Call / Menu
  Memory Function
  DSC Distress
  Internal Speaker
  External Speaker

Routine Call MayDay Call PanPan Call Securite Call

For Radio examples to work, the radio must be on channel 16 or in dual watch, and the DSC status must be inactive.