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We are the leading providers of RYA Yachtmaster theory and RYA Day Skipper theory courses in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. Our Yachtmaster and Dayskipper programs are focussed on content relevant to the Southern Hemisphere and we provide supplementary information to cover some of the specifics of navigation in Oceania. We are the most experienced, most up to date and the industry choice for the provision of training material with a format that we have been continuously evolving over the past 15 years.

The RYA Yachtmaster scheme is recognised internationally as one of the highest standards that can be obtained for both recreational sailors and skippers, as well as those looking to become a commercial skipper such as a charterboat operator, or a super yacht crewmember. Our Yachtmaster training programs are focussed on giving you the knowledge and skills to be able to safely navigate even the most challenging locations, plan long distance passages and evaluate the impact of changing weather patterns.

  • Online RYA Yachmaster Navigation and Marine Training.

  • Over 15 years of online RYA Courses.

  • Internationally over 15000 graduates and a 95% completion rate.

  • NAVatHOME are the ONLY online providers of the RYA Southern Hemisphere syllabus and the RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Course.

  • Review of Actual Australian & New Zealand Navigation Information to support practical application of your knowledge.

  • Self Paced Learning Environment.

  • 6 months initial access with extension optionss.

  • Engaging, direct support as you need it.

  • Optional 1-on-1 Video Conference tutorials.

  • A huge supply of additional supporting material and resources.

  • Specific Australian Focussed supplementary Content.

  • Complimentary Express Postage within Australia.

Our automated feedback systems, animated graphics and videos, alongside our Industry Leading educational simulators give an unmatched learning experience.

The latest weather at our Head Office with the NAVatHOME weather station.

NAVatHOME Australia Weather Station

Our Weather station is located on the south west coast of Western Australia, and fully exposed to the incoming weather. We will use this real world data alongside our theory to demonstrate how it all works as the Southern Weather Patterns move across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

Of course, having access to real time weather is great for anyone local planning a trip down the coast, about to go fishing, or aiming to pull out the windsurfing or kitesurfing gear.

Latest News

We have finally finished our radio course. This ended up in a bit of a personal test for ourselves as we started to look at what the available technology could offer us. We started with creating detailed simulators for radio function and then this moved on rapidly to start looking at the use of speech recognition technology in a web app. When we started, we never realised how new the technology was and so we found that we were actually developing the software beyond what was currently even considered. We never planned to push the technology so far, but we ended up with a system that now interacts with you as you make your radio calls. When we started looking around, we coul not find anyone who has come as close to this level of technology. We are very proud of it, and we are offering it for FREE for a limited time only on request with no obligation.

Try our collision game using the controls below: Just tap the controls to adjust speed and heading in increments (don't hold your finger down). In this case, the white boat has to give way.

Collision regulations boat to give way
Collision regulations boat with right of way


White Boat
Play The
Red Boat

The RYA Yachtmaster scheme is the only pathway to qualify for the AMSA SAIL MASTER qualification that allows you to be a proffessional yachtsperson in Australia and New Zealand and on Australian flagged vessels. AMSA have recognised the high standing of the RYA qualification and have supported the development of a Sail Master qualification that demonstrates that holders are able to safely take out paying passengers on a yacht. Even in the open ocean. The RYA Yachtmaster Offshore RYA Yachtmaster Ocean qualifications are now formally recognised as an approved qualification by AMSA and Maritime New Zealand.

Our courses have been completed from Antarctica to Canada, and our packs are shipped all over the world.

Come see why NAVatHOME is the number one choice in RYA Online Theory Training.

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The School Principal is an RYA Yachtmaster instructor and has a Master Class 5 for power and sail.
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NAVatHOME Australia acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land, sea and waters, of the area that we live and work on across Australia. We acknowledge their continuing connection to their culture and pay our respects to their Elders past and present. We also acknowlege the First Nations people of New Zealand and the Pacific Islands and their ongoing connection to the land and sea.