VHF Radio Operators Course

Theory Course

VHF Radio Operators Course
Theory Course

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  • Online E-Learning Course
  • Interactive Radio Simulator
  • Realtime Speech Recognition
  • DSC Simulator
  • Phonetic Glossary with audible pronounciation
  • Downloadable Handouts
  • AMC Invigilated Online Assessment (for course with exam)
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Short Range Radio Operators Certificate Of Proficiency

The VHF Marine Radio is the most commonly installed radio equipment on marine vessels. It is the corner stone of radio communication and provides an essential safety service. In many areas, it is now a requirement that a vessel going more than a few nautical miles offshore, it is required to have a VHF radio onboard along with a qualified operator.

The NAVatHOME Australia VHF Radio Operators Course is the only course that uses interactive speech recognition with realistic simulated systems to allow you to actually practice your broadcasts, gain confidence, and get a response appropriate to your call. It is also the only online course that goes through a simulated setup of a DSC radio AND then use DSC to interact with another radio - things that you can not do in the real world for practice. It is an incredible bit of fun, and as close as you can get to working with a real radio without having one!

To obtain the SRROCP, you will need to complete the Australian Maritime College issued multiple choice exam and a practical demonstration. Depending on your enrollment, this will either be included in the course, or taken separately.

Who is this course for?

Any operator of a VHF Marine Radio.

Operators of 27MHz Radios that want to learn correct procedures.

Owners of vessels that have a VHF radio installed.

Operators who require a VHF radio license for Yachtmaster or Commercial Operation.

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Fantastic Reviews

'Hi Alan and the team at NAVatHOME Australia,

Thanks for a fantastic and very professional LROCP offshore radio course. Your LROCP offshore radio course should be mandatory for all crew whom sail offshore. As a yachtsman that has completed in 5 professional round the world yacht races I can say with confidence, that your depth of experience in yacht racing, communication skills and practical knowledge really shines through, making your course a step above the rest. Everyday is a school day….P6 (prior preparation prevents piss pore performance).



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VHF Radio Operators Course

Principles of Radio Communication :

  • Overview of Principles
  • VHF Radio Wave Propagation
  • Operational Frequencies
  • Priority of Communications
  • Legislative Regulations
  • Phonetic Glossary
  • Radio Abbreviations
  • Shore Stations and Coast Stations

Power Supplies :

  • Overview of Basic Electrical Circuits.
  • Circuit Protection
  • Marine Batteries
  • Battery Maintenance
  • Emergency Battery Options

VHF Radio Equipment :

  • Overview of Satellite Communications
  • Interconnected Components
  • Typical Unit Controls
  • Typical Handset Controls
  • VHF Repeaters

Routine Calling Procedures :

  • Demonstration of Procedures
  • Elements of a Radio Call
  • Initiating a Radio Call
  • Responding to a Radio Call
  • Details of the Message

Collision regulations:

  • Basic collision avoidance
  • Correct use of lights
  • Identifying vessel types from lights and day shapes
  • Sound signals and their uses

Priority Calls :

  • Mayday Calling Procedures
  • Mayday Relay Procedures
  • PanPan Calling Procedures
  • Securite (Safety) Calls
  • Simulation of Priority Calls

Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and Automated Identification System (AIS) :

  • Overview of DSC
  • Setup of DSC Parameters in a VHF Radio
  • Activation of DSC Alerts using the Interactive Simulators
  • Make a Routine DSC call using the Interactive Simulators
  • Overview of AIS
  • Accessing AIS Data

Search and Rescue Transponders :

  • EPIRB Operation
  • RADAR Transponders
  • AIS Personal Locator Beacons


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