Commercial Endorsment of your RYA Yachtmaster
The RYA Yachtmaster qualification is recognised internationally as one of the premier sailing qualifications that you can achieve. With your Yachtmaster there are multiple pathways to using your Yachtmaster certificate on a commercial sailing vessel. The requirements do vary between countries and so we will add the requirements here as we find them, however they are subject to change so please check with the flag country of the vessel you wish to work on to be sure.

Approximately 50% of commercial superyachts around the world are considered as Red Flagged or Red Ensign vessels. That is they are registered in the UK or in UK Crown Dependencies or Overseas Territories. RYA qualifications can help you achieve professional placement aboard these. Over 20,000 professionals are currently working on commercial vessels using RYA certificates of competence. Holders of the RYA Yachtmaster Coastal, RYA Yachtmaster Offshore and RYA Yachtmaster Ocean qualifications can gain an endorsement allowing them to work commercially simply by completing the requirements for commercial endorsement for which we are happy to advise.

When you achieve yor RYA certificate, did you know that it comes with the MCA (UK Maritime and Coast Guard Agency Certificate). RYA and MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) certificates go hand in hand. RYA certificates can be used professionally in their own right, or as a stepping stone to other MCA qualifications, as shown below.

British Flagged Vessels

The first two steps are;
  • To have your Yachtmaster Theory exam invigilated. Please see below about invigilation, as not all regions require this for commercial Endorsement
  • Complete the PPR course.
The degree to which you are endorsed is dependent on the level of qualification that you hold.
  • For unrestricted operation, the Yachtmaster Ocean is the way to go
  • For operation up to 150 Nautical Miles from a safe haven:
    • Yachtmaster Ocean
    • Yachtmaster Offshore
  • For operation up to 20 Nautical Miles from a safe haven:
    • Yachtmaster Ocean
    • Yachtmaster Offshore
    • Yachtmaster Coastal

Australian Flagged Vessels

Commerical recognition is by AMSA, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. AMSA have formally recognised the RYA Yachtmaster under exemption 18 (Marine Safety Sail). This recognition is automatically applied and does not require for you to apply for an exemption. The AMSA recognition allows you to be;
  • Master of a sailing vessel ≤24 m long, with operating power greater than 75 kw up to 100 nm from shore; or
  • Mate of a sailing vessel ≤35 m long in the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone or the territorial sea; or
  • A person operating a sailing vessel ≤12 m long with operating power greater than 75 kw and ≤15 nm from shore.
In addition to your yachtmaster qualification, there are a number of additional Requirements that you need to consider;
  • are at least 16 years old;
  • Make a declaration of medical fitness in accordance with the form approved for NSCV Part D;
  • Appropriate level First Aid Certifiacte
  • Hold a Short Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency issued by the Australian Communications and Media Authority or its delegate; and
  • A recognised Sea Survival course
  • RYA Diesel Engine Maintenace Course

If you complete your theory exam with us, and then within 3 years decide that you want to work on a large british flagged ship, then we will let you resit your exam with us at no cost for the exam, just for the invigilation. The three year limit is due to a commercial operator needing to redo their certification every 5 years.

For further detail please look at the AMSA Site for exemtion 18.

NAVatHOME Australia will be shortly offering both the SROCoP for use of a VHF radio. Stay tuned for these developments.

AMSA Exemption-18

New Zealand Flagged Vessels

Maritme New Zealand recognise that an RYA Yachtmaster qualification is one of the requirements to achive a Master Yacht <24m certificate. We have tried to make the following information as accurate as possible, but please check for your self. As of 2020, these are the requirements for the Master Yacht <24m certificate;
  • Complete and pass the Royal Yacht Association (RYA) yachtmaster offshore or RYA Yachtmaster Ocean
  • Meet the minimum sea service requirements (which match the RYA Yachtmaster seatime requirements)
  • Pass approved training in commercial competencies by completing the required sections of a training record book
  • Have current certificates for the required ancillary proficiencies (First Aid, Radio, survivval craft, Fire Fighting)
  • Pass the final exam for Maritime New Zealand
  • Prove that you are a fit and proper person
  • Be medically fit and have good eyesight
  • Be at least 18 years old.

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