Are you interested in retailing Navathome Courses as part of your school, club or business?

Our course material is world class, and has been used for instruction for yachtpersons all over the globe. To help support sailors and other organisations aspirations for a high standard of training, we offer partnership and agency agreements available to other parties. We provide options for:

  • RYA Schools - Navathome and School managed(specific conditions apply for school managed)

  • Yacht and Sailing Clubs

  • Marine Retailers

  • Yacht and Motor Cruiser Retailers

  • Other marine training groups

  • Yacht Charter companies

Our agent options allow the RYA accredited courses to be made available, with RYA accredited instructors in accordance with RYA requirements.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below with key details such as:

  • Organisation details

  • Website URL

  • Contact information

For RYA Schools please also include:

  • Basic school details

  • How long you have been operating

If you would like to speak to us, our contact number is +61 (0) 8 61027741. Our normal contact window is between the hours 6am - Midday Eastern Australian Standard time. This is because we look after students in a wide range of time zones.

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