Which Course is Right For You?

NAVatHOMEAustralia offers a large number of RYA and non-RYA courses(with more coming) and whilst for those starting out it is fairly straight forward, it can be not so apparent for someone with 10 years of practical experience. The RYA course syllabus is based on the collective experience and history of the RYA instructors and is continuously evolving as our knowldge improves. What this means is that the syllabus covers scenarios that may not be necessary for your local area, but essential for another area only a hundred nautical miles away. The syllabus tries to ensure that you have at least been exposed to ever concievable scenario that you could realistically be exposed to in your sailing adventures. For someone with 10 years or more sailing experience, there can be scenarios that you haven't yet encountered or even been aware of, but as they could be great places to sail, they have been included in the RYA syllabus.

For someone relatively new to sailing, or hasn't done any offshore or passage sailing we would suggest that the day skipper is a good starting point. Although if they are clear on their objective to become a Yachtmaster, or just feel 100% confident in theory knowledge on a yacht, then we would say the Yachtmaster FastTrack is the way to go.

For someone who has alot of sailing experience but haven't had the chance to complete any formal navigation training, we would reccomend the Yachtmaster Fastrack. It contains an abridged version of Day skipper as revison, and has the full RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster course. The Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster theory course assumes that you already have knowledge at Day Skipper level. The revison course will ensure that there are no gaps in your knowledge. Most experienced sailors who do the FastTrack course, complete the day skipper revision quickly, but all comment that they learned something new and it really helped them with the Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster course.

If you have already done your Day Skipper course, then the Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster course is the next logical step. It takes the skills of Day Skipper to a whole new level and really pushes your understanding with more sophistiacated navigational techniques. If you have never done any formal training in navigation before, there is a likely chance that you may struggle after being thrown in the deepend on this course. If you are unshore,please contact us and we can work out the best course fit for you. Many schools will restrict access to Coastal Skipper courses to those who have already completed a Day Skipper course, however we are happy to allow you to go straight to Coastal Skipper if you already have the skills to handle it. If you do struggle, we may however ask that you consider upgrading your course to the Yachtmaster FastTrack.

The Ocean Yachtmaster course is for really experienced blue water sailors, ocean racers, those who want to cross oceans, or for those who just want to learn how to use a sextant. There are no pre-requisites to enrol, but students really do need the right level of background knowledge. For anyone who wants to learn for anything more than just interest, then you should have already completed theory studies to at least Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster level.

Have a look below to see the RYA course heriarchy and work out how it fits in with your experience.There is a course for everyone.

Sailing Courses

Essential Navigation, Day Skipper, Coastal Yachtmaster and Ocean theory can all be completed online through NAVatHOME Australia.


Sail Cruising Scheme Basics


Sail Cruising Scheme Skipper (Beginner to Intermediate)


Sail Cruising Scheme Skipper (Intermediate)


Sail Cruising Scheme Skipper / Yachtmaster (Advanced)


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