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Personal Video Coference Tutorials.


For all the benefits of e-learning, sometimes you just want to be able to work through a problem with someone. We get it. We really do. Not everyone learns the same way, and even with our industry leading courses, it can sometimes be a brief chat to fix it all.

To better support our students, Navathome Australia have teamed up with Ivan Signorelli to offer our students the chance to request personal tutorial sessions to help with any challenging sections that you might have. Ivan is an RYA Ocean Yachtmaster and is recognised as one of the leading RYA navigation instructors in Australia. He has competed 5 Sydney to Hobarts which is regarded as one of the most challenging Ocean Races of all time, including 2 as skipper.

Personal Tutoring sessions are especially beneficial for the more challenging aspects of the courses such as course to steer, estimated position, and even celestial navigation.Ivan is an expert on all three.

To work with Ivan for private tutoring sessions.

  • Sessions are booked at the rate of $90 per hour, per person, with a three hour minimum.
  • Sessions can be taken as one hour sessions over several days to allow you to work through some of the problems in your own time.
  • Ivan is familiar with all our navigation courses, and can help with any of them.
Please fill out the form below to request a chance to work with Ivan as a private tutorial. We will get back to you confirming your options and details.

With our industry leading course material, and with personal help from Ivan, we can be sure that you have the very best training available. You wont just feel like that you have made it through the course by the skin of your teeth, instead you will feel comfortable with a more solid understanding of the course material.

Spot Support

Enrolling in a Navathome Course does not mean you are left to fend for your self. And it does not mean you have to buy extra tuition to complete the course. We find that alot of our students prefer to work things out at their own pace and often it may only be a slight mistake that is causing an error. It is at times like this that e-learning is challenging.

We see your results as they come in and unlike other e-learning providers, we will actively take the time to review your results and give extra feedback on your answers and in some cases adjust your mark. We want you to get the best out of your course and for you to feel like you are supported with every step you do. Sometimes, we will invite you to a brief zoom session to work through a particular question that we feel you are having trouble with.

These spot sessions are offered complimentary to your course and we will offer them if we feel you are making a very simple mistake. Following on from these sessions, if we feel that it is beneficial, we may reccomend that you consider working with Ivan to really get a handle on these concepts.

Of Course, email and phone support is availabe as part of your course at any time. If you cannot figure out how we got an answer, we will give a detailed response that hopefully will guide you in the right direction.

Online SUpport

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