• RYA Essential Navigation $215 AUD
  • Have you ever wondered why GPS is not always as preceise and why you never seem to land in the exact same place when you go looking for your secret diving or fishing spot?
  • Have you ever wondered why your GPS bearings and compass bearings never line up and the offset seems to change?
  • Have you thought abut how you would get into your own home harbour if there was little visibility? How about a harbour you were visiting at night?
  • What is the best way to use the various functions on a GPS?
  • Do you know what to do if you ever had to be rescued by a helicopter?
  • Did you want to be able to work out the rate of tide changes given your time, and the times of high and low water?
  • Did you know the rules of the road are more comprehensive than just power give sway to sail?

The essential naviagation course introduces the concepts of navigation, and the limitations of the different tools. It has been designed for those on motor crusiers, yachtcs and downn to rigid inflatables and runabouts. It is great for those who are diving and fishing, as well as those who are just happy to be on the water.You will learn how to recognise the impacts and how to compensate for them. It is ideal for powr and sail for those who do short day trips in safe waters. These skills are not the skills you learn't from a neighbour who once had a boat 10 years ago. These are some of the same skills that yachtmasters spend many thousands on nautical miles honing to master their craft.

This course is aimed at those who want to understand the basic navigation skills so that you can land on that great spot every time. Get through that narrow channel in bad wether It will also make you a smarter, safer skipper on the water with knowledge that exceeds that of a recreational skippers ticket.

The Essential Navigation and Seamanship Course, like our day skipper and yachtmaster courses is an elearning online course with some supporting physical materials which we shall post to you via express post. Essential navigation graduates are able to claim credit for their course and upgrade to DaySkipper at a reduced rate.

$220 AUD inc. GST
  • - Online elearning Course
  • - No prior experience required
  • - Course Pack sent direct to you
  • - Accompanying E-book so you can start straight away.
  • - Upgradeable to DaySkipper

  • Do you know what a vessel with the lights red white red in a vertical order mean?
    Do you know what these lights mean?
    The course will cover introductory level theory on the following topics

  • Charts and Publications
  • Safety
  • Engine Checks
  • Bouyage and Marks
  • Anchoring Practices
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Tidal Awareness
  • Visual and Electronic Navigation
  • Pilotage(leaving and arriving at harbour)
  • Rules of the Road
  • Passage Planning

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    This course is provided directly by the RYA and unfortunately it is not mobile compatible at the moment.

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