• RYA Essential Navigation $220AUD

Essential Navigation

Do you want to master the skills that allow you to put your boat on your secret spot very time?

Do you want to be able to navigate into that hidden atoll without having to have your eyes glued to the GPS? The Essentials of Navigation incude the basics of understanding how to interpret navigational information, use landmarks to create a fix, and to manage tides. Become that crew member the skipper is happy to rely on when they put their head down for a few hours to get some sleep.

The RYA Essential Navigation course is the perfect course for those who can handle a boat comfortably, but would like to have a basic navigation understanding going forward to help the skipper.



- Essential Navigation Certificate

$220 AUD inc GST.
  • Online E-Learning Course

  • Course pack includes:

  • Basic Plotter and Dividers

  • Course Notes

  • 2 Northern Hemisphere Training Charts

  • Easy Upgrade path to the RYA Day Skipper

  • E-Book option pack on request instead of the physical pack

  • Do you know what a vessel with the lights red white red in a vertical order mean?
    Do you know what these lights mean?
    - Enrol to find out....

    Who is this course for?

    •     Operators of Motor Crusiers, runabouts, sail powered vessels, and anything else that floats.
    •     Those who are comfortable with handling a boat but want some additional knowledge.
    •     Those just starting out on short distance day passages that have some navigational challenges.
    •     Those who really want to land on that perfect dive or fishing spot every single time more accurately than you can with a GPS.

    Course Pre-Requisites:

    This is an entry level course so no prior experience or skills are required.

    •     Very Basic Boating knowledge.
    •     Basic addition and subtraction maths.

    What the course covers:

    • Chart Identification

    • Chart Features

    • Fundamentals of Tidal Movements

    • Tide Tables

    • Springs, Neaps and Ranges

    • Calculating Tide Heights in standard ports

    • The rule of 12ths

    • Basics of Tidal Streams

    • Man Overboard

    • Safety Equipment

    • Distress Practices

    • Engine Pre-Start Checks

    • Understanding Low and High Pressure Systems

    • Cold Fronts

    • Local weather Effects

    • Navigation Lights

    • Rules of the Road

    • Day Shapes

    • Sound Signals

    • Navigation Marks and Aids

    • Planning an Overnight Anchorage

    • Sources of Local Information


    How is the course delivered

    The course is provided by Navathome Australia using the online RYA Interactive portal. Upon enrolment, login details will be sent to you with in 24 hours.

    Support and Extras

    All support is provided by Navathome, RYA accredited, Yachmaster and Navigation instructors. Students will have full access to all NAVatHOME supporting resources.

    • Knots
    • Bouyage
    • Collision Regulations
    • Vessel Lights
    • VHF radio Simulator

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