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The NAVatHOME RYA Ocean Yachtmaster is one of our flagship courses. It is the ultimate RYA theory course for those with a real interest in serious blue water sailing or for those who wish to master all aspects of the art of navigation, and to find your position with sun and stars. The course teaches the concepts that allow celestial navigation to work. This course is a requirement for those wishing to work on larger vessels, but is great fun for everyone.

This course is supported by the instructors at our sister school While we would love to teach it, this is a case where the instructors for the Ocean thoery at NAVatHOME are world class. This course is by far the best Astro Navigation course available, and in our opinion it easily surpasses alternative online or classroom based training with our students able to take their time to explore and grasp the challenging aspects of astro navigation. All the usual pictures that are normally provided as still slides are fully animated providing a learning opportunity not to be missed.

To successfully complete the Ocean Yachtmaster theory course, candidates should have a sound knowledge of navigation. But if your interest is to learn how to use a sextant for curiosity, then there is no reason why you could not successfully enrol in this course.
It is called a sextant, it is not an expensive paperweight

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The student logon link will direct you to our sister school student login page at If this is your first time doing a NAVatHOME course, we reccomend you complete the free introductory course so that you are aware of the style of the course before booking. NAVatHOME RYA courses, like NAVatHOME Australia, have evolved during fifteen years experience and continue to be successful in our learning tecniques and the interactive animated diagrams used in the courses.

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