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VHF Radio Operators Course

Short Range Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency

The VHF Marine Radio is the most commonly installed radio equipment on marine vessels. It is the corner stone of radio communication and provides an essential safety service. The radio has numerous benefits over the handy mobile phone including increased range, wide area broadcasting, and not reliant on a third party network. In many areas, it is now a requirement that a vessel going more than a few natuical miles offshore is required to have a VHF radio onboard, and have a trained operator.

The NAVatHOME Australia VHF Radio Operators Course is the only online course that uses interactive speech recognition to allow you to actually practice your broadcasts and get a response appropriate to your call. It is the only online course that goes through a simulated setup of a DSC radio AND then use DSC to interact with another radio. It is an incredible bit of fun!

It is a requirement in Australia, New Zealand and Internationally, that all operators of VHF Marine Radio Equipment are trained and deemed competent in its use.

This course covers the required knowledge for the Short Range Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency. It does not include the Exam.

We are waiting for accreditiation to provide the online exam. In the meantime, to complete the exam and obtain the Short Range Radio Operates Certificate of Proficiency you just need to complete the AMC exam. We can put you in contact with local invigilators to complete the exam. Please contact us for details.


Short Range Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency

Free During Final Testing! - Contact us for enrollment

  • - Online E-Learning Course

  • - Interactive online simulators

  • - Interactive Speech Recognition

  • - Downloadable Handouts

  • Try our online demonstration of our simulators.

    VHF Radio Course

    Who is this course for?

    •     Any operator of a VHF Marine Radio.
    •     Operators of 27MHz Radios that want to learn correct procedures.
    •     Owners of vessels with VHF Radio Installations.
    •     Operators who requre a VHF radio license for Commerical Operation.

    What the course covers:

    • Overiew of Principles

    • VHF Radio Wave Propagation

    • Operational Frequencies

    • Priority of Communications

    • Legislative Regulations

    • Phonetic Glossary

    • Radio Abbreviations

    • Shore Stations and Coast Stations

    • Overview of Basic Electrical Circuits.

    • Circuit Protection

    • Marine Batteries

    • Battery Maintenance

    • Interconnected Components

    • Typical Face Place Controls

    • Typical Handset Controls

    • VHF Repeaters

    • Overview of Satellite Communications

    • Demonstration of Procedures

    • Elements of the Radio call

    • Initiate a Radio Call

    • Respond to a Radio Call

    • Details of the Message

    • Mayday Calling Procedures

    • Mayday Relay Procedures

    • PanPan Calling Procedures

    • Securtite (Safety) Calls

    • Simulation of Priority Calls

    • Overview of DSC

    • Setup of DSC Paramters in a VHF Radio

    • Activation of DSC Alerts using the Interactive Simulators

    • Make a Routine DSC call using the Interactive Simulators

    • Overview of AIS

    • Accessing AIS Data

    • EPIRB Operation

    • RADAR Transponders

    • AIS Personal Locator Beacons


    How is the course delivered

    The course is provided by Navathome Australia using our own uniqe and copyrighted Online Interactive Radio Simulators accompanied by presentation material.

    Support and Extras

    All support is provided by Navathome Australia. Students will have full access to all NAVatHOME supporting resources.

    • Phonetic Radio Glossary where terms are expland and have a phonetic pronouciation guide.
    • Downloadable Cheet Sheets
    • Downloadable Channel Wheel Sheet

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