Marine Diesel Operations and Maintenance

One of the biggest callouts for sea rescue and lifeboats is a mechanical breakdown. If the issue was something simple, then this is both very embarrassing for you and potentially takes sea rescue away from others who also need help.

Who is this course for?

It is ideal for any skipper or crew that wants to understand more about the workings of the marine diesel engine.

  •     Yachts with auxiliary diesel engines.
  •     Marine diesel generators.
  •     Diesel Engine Motor Cruisers.
  •     Anyone planning an extended trip.

You can work through the course whilst you are looking at your own diesel engine so that you can relate what you see in the course, to what you see in the real world.



- NAVatHOME Diesel Operations & Maintenance Certificate

  • $75 AUD inc GST.

  • - Online E-Learning program with immediate access.

  • - Less than 8 hours of study time.

  • - No prior experience required.

  • - The theory can be covered in as little as 8 hours.

  • - 3D animated videos with internal cutaways.

  • - Ideal for Yachts with auxiliary diesel engines and large Motor Cruisers.

  • Jerry, a student from Alice Springs wrote to us after doing the course:

    I am really impressed with the Graphics and Simulation and will Constantly Refer to then Out on the Water...Even with my own Land Rover...the Beauty of the Graphics Certainly make Life Easy to appreciate the What's and Whys with Where something has gone wrong or needs attention...

    For those who have never had the Opportunity to Grasp the Fundamental Engineering of Diesel -; Land or Marine this is a Gem of a Course..

    The Marine Diesel Engine is one of the most important parts on a boat. But do you know how to maintain and repair it? This course will cover all the skills you need to know and be aware of on how to do checks, basic maintenance and what steps to take when it wont start! The course is presented in an easy to use interactive environment and also includes environmental awareness training.

    We breakdown the mystery of the engine to make it easy for everyone to understand. This course is intended to reduce the potential for a breakdown, or to have a chance to fix an issue yourself without having to call out for help from the sea rescue.

    This course has amalgamated the best elements of various diesel courses, and personal experience from our international network of instructors to create a course that represents the fundamental needs of most people afloat. It is great for anyone wanting to become more comfortable with the operation of a marine diesel engine.

    Course Pre-Requisites:

    No Prior Experience Required. You wont need any prior mechanical skills or knowledge for this course, and you will be surprised at how easy the checks and tasks actually are. We will start at the basic principles of the engine and progress from there.

    What the course covers:

    • Internal Combustion
    • The Combustion Sequence
    • Safety
    • Environmental Concerns

    We will take you through step by step, how the engine is operating, and what makes it run. We will also explain why we need to pay particular attention to how we manage our interaction with the environment.

    • Basic Operation
    • Key Parts
    • Environmental Concerns

    We will go through each of the various systems that form part of the engine, how they work, what can go wrong, and what repairs and checks you can do. We will make the whole thing seem so much simpler.

    • The Fuel System.
    • Lubrication System.
    • The Cooling System.
    • Air System.
    • Electrical System
    • Accessories

    Nothing is more frustrating than finding out your diesel engine has lost power, or it is blowing smoke. But these symptoms can help point out what the problem is.

    • Loss of Power
    • Excessive Smoke
    • Failure to start

    How is the course delivered

    The course is provided using the world class NAVatHOME RYA accredited training program.

    Support and Extras

    Through out your course, you will be supported either by one of the NAVatHOME expert instructors, or by one of our supporting instructor at a partner school. Throughout the course, students will have full access to all NAVatHOME supporting resources and access to the international Navathome support network if you are planning an overseas trip.

    • Lifetime Access to Course Handouts
    • Recommended Spares
    • Recommended Onboard Tool Kit

    Please note, this course by itself is not the RYA accredited course which you need if you want to operate commercially. You will need to attend a practical session at RYA training centre to get the RYA certificate which will have you manually complete an oil change, and do various other maintenance tasks.

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