It is called a sextant, it is not an expensive paperweight

Nothing is more ideal than the idea of setting sail, navigating only by the stars, heading for a remote tropical island. The ultimate disconnect from the trappings of the modern world and the ultimate sense of freedom, or the need to transport a yacht across an open ocean. Either way, the best times I have had on the water have been those quiet moments.

The NAVatHOME RYA Ocean Yachtmaster is the ultimate RYA theory course for those with a real interest in serious blue water sailing or for those who wish to master all aspects of the art of navigation, and to find your position with sun and stars. The course teaches the concepts that allow celestial navigation to work. This course is a requirement for those wishing to work on larger vessels, but is great fun for everyone.

In partnership with our sister school we offer the most widely completed RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Course. This course is by far the best Astro Navigation course available. The in-depth animations put into perspective the concepts that can not be achieved through classroom presentations or even video tutorials. The animations help to demonstrate what you would be actually viewing as you look through a sextant, and you can see exectly how you should be using the very precise instrument.



- RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate of Competency*

  • $600 AUD inc GST.

  • - Online E-Learning program with immediate access.

  • - 40 hours of study plus Exercises and Exams.

  • - Course Pack sent direct to you.

  • - Private VC tutorials available.

  • - 6 Months course access with extension options.

  • - No requirement to purchase a sextant or astro-navigation equipment for the course.

  • Who is this course for?

    •     Bluewater ocean Sailors.
    •     Those planning cross ocean passages that are several days away from shore.
    •     Anyone interested in Celestial Navigation.

    Course Pre-Requisites:

    To enroll in the course you should have at lease the knowledge of the Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Offshore level of theory.

    In order to obtain the Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate of Competency, you are required to have obtained the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competency and have met the passage requirements. However, you do not need these to enroll and complete the course and you can complete the experience requirements later, before applying for the certificate of competence.

    What the course covers:

    • Definition of Zenith and position of celestial bodies in terms of latitude, longitude, GHA, and declination.
    • Right-Angle relationships.
    • Latitude and Co-latitude.
    • Declination and Polar distance.
    • Impacts of Time, speed and astronavigation angles.
    • Astronavigation Tables.
    • Calculating zenith and azimuth.
    • Relationships between zenith distance and altitude.

    Use of amplitude and azimuth tables systems and calculation tools.


    Integration between Astro Navigation and Satellite Navigation systems.

    • Use and care of the Sextant.
    • Conversion of Sextant altitude to True altitude.
    • Application of dip, index error and refraction.
    • Measurement of Time. Chronometers and watches.
    • Relationship between Time Standards.
    • Application of dip, index error and refraction.
    • Meridian Altitudes and forecasting.
    • Sun, Star and Planet Sightings.
    • Sun sights using navigation tables.
    • Satellite and Terrestrial systems.
    • Accessing Weather Information.
    • Global Weather Systems and pressure distribution.
    • Trade winds.
    • Tropical storms (cyclones, hurricanes, monsoons).
    • Observation based forecasting.
    • Navigation Information Sources.
    • Ocean Routing charts.
    • Preparation.
    • Sea Survival planning.
    • Victualling.
    • Stores, fuel, spares.
    • Equipment management.
    • Navigation Routines.
    • Watch Keeping.
    • Crew Management.
    • Computing Rhumb lines based on the Earth Great Circle route to optimise your passage.
    • Awareness of sight reduction.

    How is the course delivered?

    The course is delivered in an online format using the leading, world class NAVatHOME RYA accredited training program. It uses interactive animated lessons, and online chartplotting and graphical tools so you can get realtime feedback on what errors you could be making. You can draw your chartwork directly onto the computer and compare your results with ours.

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    Each course comes with 6 months access with the opportunity to renew at any time. Course extensions cost $60 for an additional 6 months.