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RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Theory Online

Celstial Navigation and Ocean Passage Making


Pre-course requirements

The Ocean Yachtmaster theory course requires Coastal / Yachtmaster theory course level theory.
Even with a lot of sailing experience it would be difficult to complete this course without any formal theory training.You will need a thorough knowledge of latitude and logitude, position fixing and how to plot a course.

Why you should choose this course

The Ocean Yachtmaster theory course is for those who have a passion for sailing and navigation.
The course is not just about finding position from stars and planets, it covers weather, passage planning, watch keeping and much more. It is a comprehensive course about traditional ocean navigation and helps you to develop skills that you will enjoy throughout your sailing.

More information.

This course is delivered through our sister school Navathome. The ocean instructor is Vic Punch. Vic is available online to provide personal support and help you through the course. You can book your course on line and be working straight away on the sections where the RYA pack is not needed. Your RYA pack, containing practice tables will be posted express post the same day. Cost of the course is Au$675

The lessons will cover celestial sights and position fixing, ocean weather, communications and passage making. You will work through the theory of celestial navigation involved as well as be introduced to simple templates that help with the arithmetic and sight reductions.

The course leads to the certifcate of course completion for ocean theory and can be used as part of the assessment requirments to endorse RYA Yachtaster Offshore certificates for Ocean. Please note their are a number of other requirements before you can obtain an endorsement of an exisiting Yachtmaster Offshore certificate for Ocean.

There is a free trial, for all our courses which can be accessed from the menu buttons on the left.

We provide.

  • Personal tuition during your course from Vic Punch, a fully qualified RYA Ocean Yachtmaster instructor. 

  • On line assessment in your own home. (The assessment must be invigilated if your certificate is to be used commercially. 

  • Instant feedback on your submitted answers followed by personal feedback from Vic as your instructor.

  • Flexibility in being able to access your course at anytime on any computer (please note this course will not run on tablets or mobile devices).

  • Animated lessons and answers that take you step by step through every stage.

The Navathome suit of courses is professionally written by fully qualified RYA instructors with a background in
e-learning and computer programming.

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The School Principal is Don Punch who is an RYA Yachtmaster instructor and has a Master Class 5 for power and sail.